May Virtual Meeting

May 06, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

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Meeting Schedule

  • Chapter Updates: 12:00 - 12:15
  • Scholarship Award Announcements: 12:15 - 12:20
  • Main Speaker: 12:20 - 1:30


TOPIC– Dry & Adiabatic Fluid Coolers

This presentation will examine the applications, selection, and operation of Dry Coolers and Adiabatic Coolers.  We'll discuss applicable test standards, saturation efficiency of adiabatic media, types of equipment and reasons to consider dry or adiabatic coolers. 

Learning Objectives & Questions Addressed:

  • Understand how to size and apply dry and adiabatic coolers.
  • Understand saturation efficiency of Adiabatic media and its impact on unit sizing
  • Learn about current dry and adiabatic product types on the market
  • Gain insight on certification and industry trends
  • What is the average life expectancy on adiabatic media?
  • If water treatment is provided, can the water be recirculated over the media?
  • In the absence of certification, how can an owner ensure that they are being provided with fully rated equipment, capable of rejecting their entire cooling load at the conditions specified?
  • Can dry or adiabatic coolers function as “drop in” replacements for open cooling towers or evaporative fluid coolers?


Speaker: Mihir Kalyani

Mihir Kalyani is the Assistant Manager for Dry & Adiabatic Fluid Coolers with EVAPCO, Inc.  Mihir currently manages sales, educational efforts, applications, and projects for Evapco’s Dry & Adiabatic fluid coolers.  His current role also includes conducting performance, efficiency, and lifecycle cost studies to assist end users in selecting the correct type of cooling equipment for their application.  Prior to transitioning into this role, he spent 4 years as an Applications Engineer at EVAPCO working with Open Cooling Towers and Evaporative & Hybrid Closed Circuit Fluid Coolers.  Mihir has a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland in College Park (2013).


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