Government Affairs Committee (GAC)

Government Affairs Committee (GAC)

The Government Affairs Committee is responsible for organizing ASHRAE members to educate local, state, provincial, and national government bodies and officials in areas of interest to ASHRAE members, and to promote effective cooperation between ASHRAE members and government. The committee works to coordinate government affairs efforts and is responsible for developing the extent and the manner in which ASHRAE implements and pursues actions to influence government affairs and public policy.  Learn More>

A new standing committee beginning in Society Year 2013-14, the Grassroots Government Activities Committee (GGAC) wants members at all levels of ASHRAE to be a part of this exciting program.  In Society Year 2015-16, the Advocacy Committee and the Grassroots Government Activities Committee merged into the Grassroots Government Advocacy Committee, bringing all of ASHRAE’s government affairs under one umbrella.  In Society Year 2018-19, the name of the committee was changed to the Government Affairs Committee to more accurately reflect the purpose and work of the Committee. 

Did you know that:

  • ASHRAE’s Government Outreach Days are targeting legislative leaders and other policy makers at all levels of government?

  • Building connections with representatives from relevant government entities and related professional and technical organizations is a critical goal of ASHRAE for the adoption and use of our Standards, Guidelines, and other technical and educational resources?

  • The Government Affairs Committee confers an Award annually to an ASHRAE member who demonstrates outstanding efforts in government activities of importance to ASHRAE?


Contact our GAC Committee Chair for more information.