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May 20, 2021
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

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Virtual Trivia Night Fundraising Event for ASHRAE RP, Sponsored by Trane and JCI

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Honors & Awards


ASHRAE's Honors and Awards program recognizes the dedicated ASHRAE Members who give freely of their time.

These award recipients exemplify the best in engineering and technology by continually bringing credit to the profession and the Society.

ASHRAE and the Baltimore Chapter are proud of the many contributions of our members!

We highly encourage you to help us recognize those members who deserve to be thanked by nominating them for an appropriate award.

Where do I find out what awards are available and their deadlines?  

Please review the awards, forms and deadlines here.

If you know someone who deserves an award, please let your Board of Directors know or contact the Chapter's past president.

Any questions please contact either Society's Committee Staff Liason or the Chapter's past president.

Can an individual Nominate?  

Nominations may be made by chapters, regions, committees or individual members.  Learn more> 

How  do I update my ASHRAE Biographical (BIO) Record?  

Go to ASHRAE.ORG, sign in, go to the right where it says “ HI <your name>” , pull down the list and go to My Profile, Participation. The top few - Chapter, Region, and Committee Participation - are Society entered.  If you feel something is missing go the section for member added information (Additional Chapter and Region Participation or/and

Additional Committee Participation).    Learn more>




Baltimore Chapter Award Recipients

Chapter Service Award:  This award honors an individual for outstanding
            service at the chapter level.


1968-69 Edward J. Morris
1969-70 Frederick M. Hewitt & Edward L. Crosby (Posthumously)
William G. Robertson, Jr.
Gayle B Priester
E. Robert Kent
Albert M. Kroft
Frederick J. Vaeth, Jr.
Charles R. Higdon, Jr.
 1976-77  Si Braverman
Harold A Schlenger
James C. Beese
 1979-80  Michael B. Gavin
1980-81 Gary Johnson
 1981-82  Edwin J. Snyder
 1982-83  Louis A. Koehler, Jr.
1983-84 Frederick J. Pearson
1984-85 Arthur E. Wheeler
1985-86  Douglas H. Waire & Delmar M. Richie
1986-87 Richard P. Mueller
1987-88 Wayne E. Brager
1988-89 Gilbert F. Morin
Charles E. Henck
1990-91 C. Louis Clark & Michael D. Lippy
1991-92 Harry M. Will
1992-93 Nils O. Lindfors & Robert F. Leach
1993-94 Joseph A Driscoll, III
1994-95 Thomas W. Price
1995-96 Bruce T. Votta
1996-97 Joseph M. Zimmer, II
1997-98 (No Award Given)
1998-99 (No Award Given)
1999-00 Joseph A Driscoll, III & Richard L. Hobson
2000-01 (No Award Given)
2001-02 Daniel B. Rainville
2002-03 Douglas H. Waire & John D Prusak
2003-04 Julie Zink
2004-05 Jack McKenna
2005-06 Dan Smith, Don Jones
2006-07 Gus Karayinopulos
2007-08 Bill Leizear
2008-09  (No Award Given)
2009-10  William Dietrich
2010-11  John Vucci
2011-12  Sherry Abbott-Adkins, Jennifer Leach & Steve Trageser
2012-13  (No Award Given)
2013-14  (No Award Given)
2014-15  (No Award Given)
(No Award Given)
(No Award Given)
(No Award Given)


Regional Award of Merit:  This award honors an individual for outstanding service
           at the chapter and regional levels.


(No Date Given) Harold A. Schlenger
(No Date Given) Edwin J. Snyder
(No Date Given) Frederick J. Pearson
(No Date Given) Julie Zink
Eileen Duignan-Woods
Gary E. Johnson
Robert W. Crosby
Charles E. Henck
 1992 Harry M. Will




Baltimore Chapter Award Recipients-Society Level

Distinguished Service Award: 
This award recognizes ASHRAE members who have
performed outstanding public service in their
community, and indoing so, have helped to improve
the public image of the engineer.


1970 Milton W. Garland
1978 Arthur W. Wheeler
1990 Frederick J. Pearson
1995 Eileen Duignan-Woods
1995 George Sestak
1996 Robert W. Crosby
1998 Charles E. Henck
2009 David Geary
2009 Steven  Emmerich
2010 John Vucci
2015 John Talbott
2017 Frank Morrison
2017 Jennifer Leach
2018 Michael Blanford


Exceptional Service Award: 
This award recognizes members who have
served the Society faithfully and with exemplary
effort, far in excess of that required for the 
Distinguished Service Award.  The individual must 
have been a full grade Member for a minimum
of ten (10) years and be a past recipient of the
Distinguished Service Award.


2012 Charles E. Henck
2015 Steven Emmerich


ASHRAE members who have attained distinction in the
fields of heating, refrigeration, air condtioning, ventilation
or the allied arts and sciences through invention, research,
teaching, design, original work or as an ngineering
executive on projects of unusual or important scope.


1975 Arthur E. Wheeler
1979 Harry C. Fischer
1987 Andrew J. Parker
1987 Frederick J. Pearson
1989 Warren Viessman
1991 Gary E. Johnson
1996 Charles E. Henck
1997 Glenn Smith
1997 William D. McCloskey
1999 James L. Coggins
2000 George Sestak
2005 George Walton
2016 Steven Emmerich


E. Paul Anderson Award: 
This award named in honor of F. Paul Anderson,
1927-28 President of the American Society of
 Heating and Ventilating Engineers, is the Society's
 highest award.  This award honors members for
 notable achievement, outstanding work or service
 in any field of the Society.


1982 John Engalitcheff, Jr
1988 Milton W. Garland


Lincoln Bouillon Award: 
This award recognizes a member who performs the
most outstanding work in increasing the membership
of the Society during the course of the year.


1984 Thomas A Gorman


Louise & Bill Holladay Distinguished Fellow Award: 
This award honors Fellows of the Society for continuing
preeminence in engineering or research work. 


1995 Milton W. Garland


ASHRAE Hall of Fame: 
This award honors deceased members who
have made milestone contributions to the
growth of ASHRAE-related technology. 


1996 John Engalitcheff, Jr


ASHRAE Alco Award: 
Established in 1965 by Presidential Member John E. Dube
and sponsored by the Alco Valve Company, this award
recognizes a member of the Society who has performed
outstanding public service in their community, and in doing
so, has helped to improve the public image of the engineer.   


1996 Harry M. Will